Southern Continent

A newly discovered landmass far south from the known world.

It took the original expedition 3+ months to reach the continent and then it was 6 more months before they were capable of returning. The crew and captain reported stories of a vast continent of virgin land full of plains, forests, mountains and more.

They also encountered great sea monsters, monstrously sized animals and insects, and other things wonderful and strange. Since its discovery each nation and many rich and powerful families have sent forth expeditions of their own. Each hopes to discover power and resources that will allow them to finally end the stalemate of power that has held the world in its grip.

With the excitement of what the new world has to offer, the long unused role of “Adventurer” has been resurrected. Not since ancient times has there been a need for someone to explore new worlds and risk life and limb for the promise of power and wealth.

Many have sold all of their worldly possessions in order to make the journey south as a passenger. The voyage itself is dangerous, but the rewards could prove worth the risk.

Southern Continent

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