The Southern Frontier

Transporting Dragons
What, bodies fall out of the sky all the time right?
  • Kavalar gets busy.
  • Dragon gets ready for transport.
  • Through the wilderness we go!
  • Malik’s mentor found. Probably fell.
  • Drakes attack.
  • Malik sets the forest on fire.
  • Big Ass White Dragon!
Through The Wilderness
Kobold Pirates AND a Dragon!
  • Paelias is Sick
  • Touvilour Coppernight is Drunk, Meet Kall
  • Skills Challenge: Get to Coppernights
  • Meet Malic
  • Covered in Feces and Glue
  • Descent
  • Tapestries are Dangerous
  • Flaming Awesome
  • Its Cold in Here
  • Frozen Rumpus Room
  • Kill the Dragon with Magic Missile?
  • Rescue Kavalar Coppernight
We reach the Southern Continent
Why so Crabby?

Alcide Herveaux, Laxus, and Paelias arive on the Southern Continent after several months of sailing. Their journey was not completely uneventful, but the crew and cargo made it south without much hassle.

Once landed they were attacked by crabs! Several Giant Crabs and even a few Dire Crabs climbed the makeshift dock and skittered towards the party. They crabs were defeated in short order to the applause of the sailors. A few of the landed dwarfs were killed by a dire crab.

The party collected cheers and crab meat. The captain of the ship asked the party to help unload the ship since their dwarven help were killed by crabs. The party agreed and spent the better part of the day unloading. Paelias spilled a barrel of sugar which attracted several giant ants.

The ants tried to make off with the sugar. Two more militant ants kept the party at bay while the worker ants had to contend with Alcide. Some sugar was lost and the party discovered that the rocks on the beach were not really rocks. They were some kind of natural hard structure that went quite deep into the earth. The tunnel left by the giant ants went unexplored but some dwarfs did plug it up with an empty barrel and some rocks.

The party then went towards the shanty town that had sprung up just past the beach and shallows area. There they went to the Outside Inn and sold their crab meat to the local elven proprietor. They heard some chatter from the local residents about naming conventions and how no one had heard from the Coppernights in quite some time. Apparently a wizard was sent off after the missing dwarf clan but no word of the adventurer or the dwarfs had been heard in several weeks.

The party settled down in the Outside Inn’s common room with crab stew filling their bellies and thoughts of adventure in their heads.


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