Cobra Strike ki focus

Ki Focus


Level 2 Uncommon

This clay serpent drips with a strange venom. By pressing your finger into its fangs, you unlock the serpent’s mysteries.

Price: 520 gp
Implement (Ki Focus)
Enhancement: +1 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d8 poison damage

Property: You gain a +2 item bonus to saving throws against poison.

Power (Daily * Poison): Free Action. Trigger: You hit an enemy with a melee attack using this ki focus. Effect: The enemy also takes ongoing poison damage equal to 2 + your Strength or Wisdom modifier (save ends).

Published in Player’s Handbook 3 page(s) 204.


Found in the stolen lair of Chessrex, the white dragon wyrmling in Session 01

Cobra Strike ki focus

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